Tips for Making Money from Renting Your Property to Holidaymakers


Owning and running your own gite business can be a lucrative concern, it is also not so hands on as many hotel type industries as it is self-catering. The guests don’t require quite so much attention, so you tend to have more free time to yourself. However, you should look to be maximizing the income from your property to ensure you attract guests and when you have them ensure you get the most money and profit. In this blog we look at some of the ways and means of doing this.


Advertising is expensive so you probably do most of your marketing online, and on social media. It is well worthwhile your digital marketing is spot on, use all the tools available such as Twitter and Facebook, make sure your ads are clear in what you are trying to say, make then short and to the point. Also including photos and images is a powerful tool but only when they are clear and sharp, take time collating your images so that they represent your property in the best possible light. A good tip is take images in sunny weather so that everything gleams.

Local Amenities

As well as your property, sell the local area. The sightseeing attractions, restaurants, shops, bars etc. Your guests will want an all over holiday experience not just your gite. Sell the fact you are near to the beach, or perhaps a nearby lake or picturesque mountain scenery. Especially concentrate on things that would entertain the kids, remember you have to sell your property to the whole family.

Simple Booking

Make things as simple as possible for customers to do business with you, like a really simple booking method. Ensure that there are multiple ways of contacting you, and always leave your phone on as you never know when somebody might be trying to contact you.

Customer Service

The old adage that the customer is king is especially poignant in the hospitality industry, encourage your most satisfied guests to leave testimonials on your website or Facebook page. People who are booking somewhere for the first time take a lot of stock in reviews by previous guests. If you are criticized, don’t shy away from it, take it squarely on the chin and rectify the problem, let people know how you respond quickly to grievances.

Pricing Policy

It is extremely important to set your rates with care, there should be seasonal adjustments and always be aware of supply and demand. Do your homework thoroughly and find out the rates for similar properties to yours in the area. The ideal position for your prices should be somewhere in the middle, too low and people may think there is a problem, and too high they will think you are ripping them off. Think about your advertising, and target your audience, obviously for school holiday periods you should be targeting families, but quieter times it may be a whole different clientele. Finally, try to be as flexible as possible to your guests.

Try to assist with changeover dates so that it helps with their travel arrangements. If you take all of the above on board, then you will be a long way to having a very successful gite business.