Themed Gite Holidays in France

Themed Gite Holidays in France

Do you have a fancy for an authentic, rustic style vacation in France, but don’t know where to go? Maybe you have heard that staying in a gite is one of the best ways to holiday, but are unsure of the best locations? In this blog we will take a look at some of the themed types of trips that you can take, while enjoying staying in a gite. For those who are not too familiar, a gite is a self-catering holiday destination in France that is cheaper than a hotel and provides more comfort than other lodgings. Due to the popularity and increased competition around, gites are not as rudimentary as they once were. In many cases the gite is equipped to the standard of home, which is part of their overall appeal.

Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing isn’t just for the rich and famous you know! You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy your favorite past-time while at the same time staying in a nearby gite. Lovers of winter sports will delight in the scenery afforded to them when staying in locations such as Alsace or Franche-Comte. These settings are right in the heart of skiing country and provide the perfect gateway to places like the Massif Central, The Alps or the Pyrenees.

Alpine Skiing – FIS Alpine Skiing World Championships – Women’s Downhill – St. Moritz, Switzerland – 12/2/17 – Ilka Stuhec of Slovenia in action. REUTERS/Dominic Ebenbichler


Countryside Vacations

If snow really isn’t your thing then the countryside might well be. The diversity and beauty of the French landscape is there for all to see, especially when it is combined with staying in a gite. Rustic meets countryside and both are winners when you choose to stay in locations like:

● Rhone Alpes
● Burgoyne
● Burgundy
● Provence Alpes Côtes D’Azur

No matter where you choose there will be an abundance of top quality home from home gites available. Pretty much any and every budget requirement can be accommodated from these fantastic holiday locations. Definitely recommended for those who are looking to relax, unwind and take plenty of great photographs along the way!

Eco Gites

For those who are more conscious about their environmental footprint there are a great many Eco gites to choose from. The use of natural, local, recyclable materials with a strong focus on recyclable energy will be an important factor at any of the locations you choose. For the greatest selection of Eco gites you would be well advised to consider a vacation to either Rhone Alpes, Normandy or Brittany.

Golf Stays

Golf plays a large part of many vacations in France, with both Brittany and Normandy vying for top spot as the most popular places. If you choose Brittany for example there are close to 700 or so gite rentals available within 5 km or so of golf courses. Charming destinations that have even more to offer than golf is not hard to find. Pretty much any location mentioned above will provide the visitor with more than they could ever look to fit in during one single visit! We hope that this themed article has helped to provide valuable information when looking to book a gite holiday in France.