The Must Do List for Your Visit to France


If you are planning to stay in a gite or have secured different accommodation in France, you now have the ability to relax amongst the natural sites and sounds of the French countryside.

However, if a sunbathing holiday isn’t your thing, or if picnicking on fields is closer to your nightmare getaway than your dream one, you will want to make sure that your journey is filled with sites. This is essential for those of you who are heading to France for the fist time, making sure you tick all the tourist spots of your list is a somewhat necessary endeavour when traveling here, and why not? Here are the things you simply must do when you visit France.

Ascend the Tower

Of course number one on the checklist is the iconic landmark of Paris, the Eiffel tower. This thousand foot structure that was the worlds tallest building for 40 years is the go to attraction for anyone visiting the country. Not only is it now a clear symbol of France but it also encompasses the country’s artistic side and acts as a romantic spot where thousands have visited with their partners and people today still choose as a spot for wedding proposals. Even if this place isn’t on your bucket list you may still enjoy seeing this giant up close, and the wonderful multi-mile panorama you can enjoy from the observation point at its peak.

Browse the Lourve

The largest art gallery on the planet sits in France too, this huge and historic collection of thousands of artworks is unmissable for anyone interested in art, history or indeed culture. Built on a medieval base today’s gallery although updated still has many historical ties and the paintings, sculptures and other pieces inside display this well. With countless pieces of priceless art here including the much visited Mona Lisa, setting your eyes upon each of these items can create lifelong memorable moments.

Enjoy A Show

France is home to theatrical performances at all levels. Whether you have the bucks to splash out on a big concert or you are staying reserved and are content with finding a small club hidden away, what’s great about France is that you aren’t far from a show either way. Cabaret shows typically sprang up in small clubs so you can catch some lively characters and a house of dancing attendees in several places without having to break the bank.

Indulge in the Cuisine

France is known for many things, and its food always comes to people’s minds. If you’ve booked a gite, or somewhere where you will be catering for yourself, make sure you visit the local markets to secure some authentic ingredients. Even still it is still worth grabbing your lunch at somewhere that will create meals for you. From their expertly crafted cheeses that coat beautifully baked breads, to quality meats coated in the finest ingredients, all the way to mouth watering desserts that will have you eating way past your capacity. You owe it to yourself to come back home heavier than when you left.