The Many Sides Of France


What makes France such a well-loved destination is that it has a delightful variation in its scenery and activities for such a proportionally small country. Although many people immedietly think that the Eiffel tower is the country’s only asset there are in fact a multitude of different regions that suit the sensibilities of travellers with different ideas of a holiday in mind. Whether you want to get your toes wet and submerge yourself in the sand, or if you prefer a good stroll around some greenery there is unquestionably a place for you in France. Here just a few destinations with a taste of what they have to offer.


In the southwest region of the country you will find this ideal beach spot, perfect for those who love the sand and the sea. Part of Europe’s sandiest coastline here you can expect golden sands, blue skies and salty air. The beach culture here is loved by everyone and you will find many families flocking to the water’s edge in excitement. The white painted town beside the beach here will provide you with all the food and drink you need, and if that’s not enough you can visit the huge Dune du Pilat a giant sand dune over one hundred metres high.


France has a rich history that today can feel hidden away amongst the modernity of western culture and city life. If you want to get a real taste of what it was like living in France in the days of old there may be no better place than the stone structures that coat the landscape of Dordogne. With hundreds of castles to be explored here (though not all are accessible to the public) anyone who delights in transporting themselves backward in time will be overwhelmed with the choice. Not only do many of the structures here retain their original brickwork but a great deal is lavishly decorated indoors and feature picturesque gardens you can enjoy too.

Gorges du Tarn

Far away from the beaches are these historic gorges that have carved their way into the French landscape leaving behind a terrific destination for travellers. Expect to be surrounded by trees here as you get an intense blast of nature from above and below these enormous crevices. Follow the path that leads from the mountain top views down into the almost hidden town in the valley and you will quickly feel transported far away from civilisation. The many views here show a very different side of France that few people get to enjoy.



This area has a lot to offer with beautiful beaches, towering mountains and everything in between. Here the great tree topped hills reach down into the bay where the sands, clear waters and surroundings look nothing short of tropical. The fishing villages in between provide a quaint sense of community, and as you ascend a little higher the towns will provide amenities. Here you can get a little taste of everything with historic buildings, their own gorges, high altitude hikes and relaxing seaside time.