The Benefits of a Gite to a Hotel – Part 2

business woman  at the reception of a hotel checking in
business woman at the reception of a hotel checking in

The second part of looking at the benefits of holidaying in a gite rather than a hotel continues with more valid reasons that people opt for staying at this self-catering accommodation rather than be waited on hand and foot by a five star resort.


Let’s face it, taking the family away on holiday is never a cheap affair. Many families spend all year saving up for the annual vacation and if the cost of staying in a fancy hotel precludes your family from taking a well-deserved break then a gite may be the answer. A gite is traditionally rented out as a whole unit, so there is no charge per person. This makes it an extraordinary good option for families, plus also with meals being on a self-catering basis the gite could save money for other luxury treats and days out.

Luxury Without Cost

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As we have just discovered a gite is a really good option regarding price, but do not confuse the fact that although a gite is cheaper to stay in than a hotel it automatically has less facilities. Often gites come with their own private swimming pools, have large BBQ areas that are totally free to use and some even have tennis courts. Most gites are maintained to very high standards, with good internal facilities and all the mod cons a family could possibly want. Today it is possible to vet your gite online so that you can see for yourself what condition it is in and what facilities it actually has.

Freedom of Choice

There are literally thousands of gites to choose from in France, unlike hotels. Each one is unique in its own way, from country retreats to gites in cities. Some gites are country farmhouses and others offer the luxury of a chateau, the staggering choice is absolutely yours to make. It is an exciting prospect for you and your family to peruse a map of France then select from a vast list of options what sort of gite and holiday suits you the best. Many hotels have restrictions on times and so forth but with your own personal gite you can come and go as you please.

Deal Direct

It is impossible to book a hotel room directly with the owner, most hotels are now operated by large corporate entities who you have to book with either via their website or through a booking site. However, a gite is normally operated by its owner and it is common practice to talk directly to them.

When you have direct communications with the owner you can negotiate discounts and ask for extra options especially for your family. This might be taking your pet, arranging for meals and picnics, extending check out times, having extra beds placed in the gite, getting your laundry done or a whole raft of personal services that a private individual can arrange much easier than a faceless hotel clerk. Staying in a gite can offer many benefits to that of a hotel, so the next time you are arranging a holiday in France have an open mind when it comes to accommodation.