The Benefits of a Gite Compared to a Hotel – Part 1


Many people choose France for their holiday destination, after all this large European country has a lot going for it. It has miles of coastline with great beaches, the food is some of the best that you can find anywhere in the world, there are marvelous historic towns to see, and it has some of the very best mountains for skiing.

France also has the unique experience of staying in a gite to offer, this wonderful way to live as the French do has many advantages to staying in a hotel. And in this blog, we see some of the benefits staying in a gite offers compared to that of a hotel.

What is a Gite?

Primarily the biggest difference between that of a gite and a hotel is that in a gite you will be experiencing a self-catering holiday. A gite is usually a typical home of the region that you are staying in.

They range from small cottages, to cozy farmhouses or even chateaus!

They normally accommodate a number of people but can be small enough that only two people share the accommodation. Sometimes they are referred to as Villas but this is not too common as a Villa conjures up images of luxury and somewhere near the sea.

Gites are normally quite rustic and are situated outside towns and cities in the countryside. This is a big attraction of a gite because they normally have excellent access to rural France and everything that is associated with it.

The Big Difference Between a Hotel and a Gite

Unlike big chain hotels that are built to a regulated design and are very similar, nearly every gite is individual and quite often unique in its construction. You hardly ever find two gites exactly the same, but staying in a hotel one bedroom is just like any other bedroom in any other hotel. It is the individuality that marks the difference between a gite and a hotel, of course there are beautiful one-off hotels that are strikingly beautiful, but for the main most hotels are very similar and built to the same sort of design.


Staying in a gite also gives you freedom, freedom to explore local restaurants and go shopping to regional markets to take produce home to cook. This is a wonderful way to experience the local French way of life.

French markets are always noisy and terrific fun to wander around. The French are notorious for their love of food and there is no better place to experience this passion than in a French market. Also dining a small country restaurant will give you the opportunity to sample the regional food of France, which is often not the case in big chain hotels were the restaurant menu is more associated with world food from different countries.

In part two of our blog to find out the benefits of staying in a gite compared to a hotel will look at the aspects of freedom, cost, and how to experience the real France by associating with French locals going about their daily chores.