Loveliest Villages in France


If you are anything like the millions who dream about heading to the calmer areas of France each year for some time away from your regular schedule, then you probably already have an idea in your head about what you are aiming for. Quiet countryside virtually untouched by others, rolling hills or sloping valleys that head off into the sunset or a small quaint house amidst some forest, either way France does have all of these, but the problem may be choosing one. The paradox of choice causes us to struggle when we are given more than an adequate amount of options and if you are trying to plan the perfect French getaway, you may already have upwards of thirty tabs open on your computer, which isn’t really helping. In order to make the choice a little easier and give those of you just intrigued an entryway into heading to the land of fine wine and the language of love here are just 5 options.

Ploumanac’h – Brittany

If you love to be by the sea this place will be ideal for you. This natural harbour town will give you fantastic views of the sun as well as plenty of time with your feet in the refreshing waters. Here you get to enjoy the marvelous pink granite rocks that are strewn all along the coast while the actual town stays peaceful all year round.

St-Guilhem-le-Désert – Languedoc

For those who prefer to be amongst the trees and adore exploring dense woodland this one is going to be right up your treehouse. This place is one of those locations that seems to be lost in time, with an unshakable medieval feature to many of its buildings there is an air of fantasy here that will capture the minds of the imaginative.

Chamonix – Rhone-Alpes

If you are into skiing than you may be familiar with this place that sits very close to the famous Mount Blanc. If you aren’t then don’t fret though this town is a hub for sports fans, there is still plenty of opportunity to wander the hills. The mountain range that fences off the edges of this place are wondrous to stare at all year round and of course make for an adventure if you feel up for it.

Vézelay – Burgundy

It’s likely that anyone with the image of endless greenery on soft hills in their minds probably saw a photo of this place. Sitting atop a hill, this charming little village is surrounded by field after field of crops. Expect to do a lot of gazing over the hills and a little quiet market shopping here.

Colmar – Alsace

If you want a picturesque European getaway then look no further. The narrow canal that runs though this photo ready town will make you think you are in a more tranquil Venice. The latticed houses with their screen open screen windows and their garden competition level foliage that gently add green in between them all will have you blushing with delight. This place takes you straight to Beauty and the Beast, with absolutely no beast or angry mobs in sight.