Best Gites in Burgundy

Best Gites in Burgundy

There are a huge number of gites strewn all throughout France; however, one place in particular ranks easily as one of the best to visit. The Burgundy region of France is synonymous with the production of the best wines in France. For this reason alone, it attracts huge numbers of visitors on an annual basis. If you like the idea of exploring more about regional France and some of the best wines around then a visit to Burgundy might well be for you. You can stay in a wide range of many different accommodations; however, often travellers prefer the more rustic feel of a gite. In this blog we will look at some of the compelling reasons to visit Burgundy and what areas you can find the best gites.

Summary of a GiteSummary of a Gite

Before we get too far down the track it might be sensible to confirm exactly what a gite is. The definition, whilst it varies a little from region confirms that a gite is a small furnished holiday home in France, which is typically located in the more rural districts. Now that we have cleared that up, let’s take a closer look at why Burgundy is such a great place to holiday in a gite.

Why Burgundy?

Renowned for its wine, there is a lot more that Burgundy has to offer. It has rustic appeal in droves, with rural history at nearly every turn in the road. The once formidable Duchy of Burgundy was seen to be every bit as powerful as the nation itself. Of course, history has changed over time, but Burgundy still plays an important role in French commerce. Dijon is perhaps one of the best places to visit. The city itself remains one of the region’s biggest draws.


One of the best gite available in the whole of Dijon can be found at Le Vieux Chene. This splendid cottage is located in the triangle of the wines of Burgundy and has an excellent following from visitors who use its facilities. This old oak cottage is truly a home away from home, it is perhaps little wonder that it has such a good review score on the TripAdvisor website!


Macon is a much smaller town, compared to that of Dijon; however, it is still well worth visiting. Steeped in a rich history, many visitors will take to Macon to immerse themselves in times gone by. Located on the banks of the Saone River, Macon is likely the be the first town that you reach when heading south through France that feels slightly Mediterranean. Cathedral views dominate the skyline and provide the perfect opportunity for vacation snaps, with the old Cathedral of Saint Vincent being the premium attraction. When travelling in a large group you would struggle to find a more impressive gite than La Roche, which can accommodate up to 12 people. A swimming pool complimented by a South facing balcony make this gite worthy of a closer examination. These are just two of the areas that you can choose to visit when holidaying in Burgundy. Why not organize a gite the next time that you visit this splendid region?