Beauty of Normandy

Beauty of Normandy

France can be called a multi-faced country as it has something to offer for many different travelers. Paris for those who love vibrant city life and haute couture fashion, French Riviera for people who want to enjoy luxury, Toulouse will be a paradise for those who love the southern lifestyle, and romantics who are looking for nostalgic historical sites and calmness will never want to come back home after visiting Normandy. This region is exceptional because of its history related to WWII, deep green cliffs, scenery coastline, medieval castles, monasteries, and unexpected flavors of its coastal cuisine.

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Great Airbnb Locations in France

A Selection of Picks From The Accommodation Giant

Accommodation can be a hassle when you are planning a trip to somewhere else and France is no different. Depending on whether you are staying in the city or planning to relax out in the country, booking the right place for you can be tough. Gites offer a nice option if you like to cater for yourself, hotels on the other end of the spectrum, whereas today thanks to a handy website and app you can find a selection of places big, small and unusual with Airbnb.

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Gite or No Gite

For those looking for an authentic rural holiday in France, a gite is a great idea. These cottages and original farm buildings have been converted by their owners to accommodate visitors of all types and thanks to the government supporting the idea of creating these; they are spread widely across the country. In a gite … Read moreGite or No Gite

The Most Unusual Places to Stay in France – Part 1

France has some wonderful options regarding accommodation when you are visiting, from wonderful friendly gites to glitzy hotels. But if you have an adventurous spirit and enjoy staying at rather unique places then hopefully this blog will give you one or two ideas. In this blog we go in search of unusual hotels that have … Read moreThe Most Unusual Places to Stay in France – Part 1