Great Airbnb Locations in France

A Selection of Picks From The Accommodation Giant Accommodation can be a hassle when you are planning a trip to somewhere else and France is no different. Depending on whether you are staying in the city or planning to relax out in the country, booking the right place for you can be tough. Gites offer […]


Loveliest Villages in France

If you are anything like the millions who dream about heading to the calmer areas of France each year for some time away from your regular schedule, then you probably already have an idea in your head about what you are aiming for. Quiet countryside virtually untouched by others, rolling hills or sloping valleys that […]


Gite or No Gite

For those looking for an authentic rural holiday in France, a gite is a great idea. These cottages and original farm buildings have been converted by their owners to accommodate visitors of all types and thanks to the government supporting the idea of creating these; they are spread widely across the country. In a gite […]

The Hobbit House

The Most Unusual Places to Stay in France – Part 2

The second part of our blog to discover some of the more unusual places to stay in France looks at an exciting wagon, a small Hobbit house and even a wooden chateau! There is no doubt that France benefits from some of the most beautiful countryside in the whole of Europe, and some of these […]

Provence Senses Romantic Retreat

The Most Unusual Places to Stay in France – Part 1

France has some wonderful options regarding accommodation when you are visiting, from wonderful friendly gites to glitzy hotels. But if you have an adventurous spirit and enjoy staying at rather unique places then hopefully this blog will give you one or two ideas. In this blog we go in search of unusual hotels that have […]

business woman  at the reception of a hotel checking in

The Benefits of a Gite to a Hotel – Part 2

The second part of looking at the benefits of holidaying in a gite rather than a hotel continues with more valid reasons that people opt for staying at this self-catering accommodation rather than be waited on hand and foot by a five star resort. Cost Let’s face it, taking the family away on holiday is […]


The Benefits of a Gite Compared to a Hotel – Part 1

Many people choose France for their holiday destination, after all this large European country has a lot going for it. It has miles of coastline with great beaches, the food is some of the best that you can find anywhere in the world, there are marvelous historic towns to see, and it has some of […]

What Returns Can You Expect from Running a Gite?

What Returns Can You Expect from Running a Gite?

If you own a property in France or are thinking of buying one to rent it out then this article could be for you. Whether you are planning to make it a full-time business, or perhaps just looking to cover your overheads from occasional rental there is much to understand about the gite business. In […]

Best Gites in Burgundy

Best Gites in Burgundy

There are a huge number of gites strewn all throughout France; however, one place in particular ranks easily as one of the best to visit. The Burgundy region of France is synonymous with the production of the best wines in France. For this reason alone, it attracts huge numbers of visitors on an annual basis. […]